Washington, DC SAS Users Group

2013 Fourth Quarter Meeting

Date Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Time 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Place Bureau of Labor Statistics, Conference Center
Postal Square Building
Room G440
2 Massachusetts Ave., NE
(use the First Street entrance)
Washington DC

Agenda and Details


Registration and Refreshments


Welcome and Introduction


Andrew Karp, Sierra Data Science

PROCSs SGPLOT and EXPAND: The Dynamic Duo of Time Series Data Display

Abstract: This paper--given as an Invited Paper at SAS Global Forum 2011--shows how to combine the powerful time series data transformation capabilities of PROC EXPAND with the wide range of time series presentation features available in PROC SGPLOT. It explains many of the powerful time series data conversion tools in PROC EXPAND and how to store these transformed series in new SAS data sets, and shows how to apply PROC SGPLOT tools to display the data values created by PROC EXPAND as effective and compelling graphics "telling the story" in your data.

Andrew Karp is Principal Consultant at Sierra Data Science, an independent SAS software consulting and training firm located in the California wine country. He is a former DC resident and alumnus of The George Washington University who has been using SAS Software for over 30 years.

10:10‑10:30 Break


Questions and answers on SAS


Andrew Karp, Sierra Data Science

Getting the Most from PROC MEANS-Generated Data Sets

Abstract: This paper shows how combine the power of PROC MEANS to create summary data sets, with the new (to SAS 9.3) VBARPARM and HBARPARM plot times in PROC SGPLOT. Because it was so well-received at a special evening DCSUG meeting in March 2013, Andrew agreed to give it again, for DCSUG daytime attendees.

In 2011 Andrew gave DCSUG an in-depth presentation on many powerful features of PROC MEANS. This new presentation takes things to an even higher level of proficiency and power by combining these BASE SAS tools, first rapidly creating summary data sets and then displaying the data values in those summary files as vertical or horizontal bar charts.


Elections and door prizes

If you do not have a pass for the Postal Square Building, you must use the visitors’ entrance on First Street NE.

Directions for those taking Metro:

  • Take the Red Line to Union Station (map, courtesy of StationMasters).
  • Exit the station via the Amtrak exit, but do not go up to the train level.
  • Instead, after going up to and out through the farecard gates, turn to the left where there is an exit to the street (First Street NE).
  • Directly across from the exit are the employee and visitors' entrances to the building. Satellite view (note that the green arrow is accurately located, but the associated address does not actually exist)

Drivers: get map and directions from MapQuest.

After checking in with security, take the main elevators down to the G level. BRING A PICTURE ID!

If you are new to DCSUG and are planning to attend this meeting, please E-MAIL Beth Schreiber by November 27th and leave your name. Security at the Bureau of Labor Statistics is very tight and having your name on the list of possible attendees will make your entrance to the building easier. However, if you personally and directly received a DCSUG announcement e-mail about this meeting, that means you are on the list, and no action is necessary.