Washington, DC Area SAS Users Group Bylaws


The Washington, DC SAS Users Group or DCSUG.


To provide a forum for the exchange of information and promotion of new ideas concerning SAS and related products, to assist members in developing SAS skills, to inform the SAS Institute of products and services our members request, and to enhance the professionalism of our members.


Granted to any individual or corporation who has paid annual dues. Membership may be withdrawn by unanimous consent of the elected group officers.


Approximately four general group meetings will be held each year, with sites and agenda determined by the group steering committee. Members will be notified by e-mail and website notice at least 14 days in advance.

Special interest groups meet at the convenience of the participants. Special business meetings may be scheduled by the steering committee.


The following positions will be held for one year beginning in January:

  • Chairperson - Lead DCSUG, delegate assignments, chair group meetings, preside over nomination and election of officers.
  • Secretary - Record minutes of group meetings, maintain membership list, prepare meeting notices.
  • Treasurer - Manage the group finances: Collect dues and fees, maintain record of income and disbursements. Also will prepare a report of income and disbursements for distribution at the fourth quarter general meeting. The departing Treasurer retains signature authority with the bank until two currently elected officers have bank-accepted signature authority.
  • SAS Liaison - Represent and increase the influence of DCSUG to the SAS Institute.


Candidates for the positions of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and SAS Liaison will be solicited at the third quarter general meeting. Any member may nominate, be nominated, and vote. The secretary will prepare the ballot for the next meeting.


Members will vote for each office at the fourth quarter general meeting. The person receiving the most votes is elected. Members may request, in writing, absentee ballots in advance of the meeting.

If an elected officer is unable or unwilling to complete the term of office, the remaining steering committee members may appoint a replacement by consensus or schedule an election for that office to be held at the next general meeting. The office is included in the next regular election.


Comprised of all above officers, the previous Chairperson, appointed website author, and committee chairs. Charged with choosing meeting sites and agenda, locating speakers, and advising officers on policies and activities.


Dues are set annually by the steering committee and voted on by the membership at the fourth quarter meeting. Dues will be payable by the first quarter general meeting. Dues will be used to finance mailings, telephone charges and other expenses as approved by the group officers.


All proposed amendments to these bylaws will be approved by the steering committee and then be posted on the website along with the meeting notice. A majority of votes cast will decide the amendment's adoption.

01/22/91 revised 12/8/2011